Veneo Isrugi – Under the sky & Release from Sunset Dreams


I’ ve just released my first new song for the new year, a melodious song inspired by the clear January sky! It brings you a sense of uplift and happiness!

Veneo Isrugi


Available on​

レーベルSunset Dreamsから"HYBIRD COLORS / MARGUERITE / MIREILLE"がリリース!

Veneo IsrugiのEP”HYBIRD COLORS / MARGUERITE / MIREILLE”がレーベルSunset Dreamsからリリースされました!
メロディアスなProgressive Houseに仕上がった彼の自信作、ぜひチェックしてください!

Veneo Isrugi’s EP “Hybrid Colors” is out now on Sunset Dreams label!
Check out this melodious Progressive House track!

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