Lost Garden Recordsの設立とkaguradukiの名義変更について

Lost Garden Records



”Lost Garden Records”という新しい枠組み(レーベル)をつくりました。
これに伴い、わたしkaguraduki は名義をサークル名である”Lost Garden”に変更します。




そして、3つ目としてVeneo Isrugi、そしてわたしの本業が音楽とは全く異なるため、ライフワークとしてとらえている音楽制作に対して、できるだけ柔軟に、できるだけサスティナブルで活動しやすい枠組みを作りたかったからなのです。


色々と大変な時節ではありますが、これからもVeneo Isrugi、Lost Garden、そしてLost Garden Recordsへのかわらぬご愛顧のほどよろしくお願いいたします。


Lost Garden(kaguraduki)

Hello, everyone. 

With the recent spread of the coronavirus infection, the environment surrounding events and music is changing.
In response to these changes, we have been trying to create music that is more in tune with the times and more flexible in our activities, including our media.
I’ve created a new label called “Lost Garden Records”.
And I’m changing my name to “Lost Garden”.

There are three main reasons for this change.

Firstly, I’ve decided to change the form of our activities from the conventional event drive form to a more free-flowing form by putting more weight on online music distribution.

Secondly, while the CD medium is still good, the mainstream user/listening environment has already shifted to distribution, and we need to catch up with that.

And thirdly, Veneo Isrugi and I wanted to create a frame of reference for our life’s work, which is very different from music, so we wanted to create as much flexibility and ease of activity as possible.

However, we have “upgraded the framework” so that we can move more than ever before, while still encompassing our previous activities.
We want to do things that we can do because we are the dance music label.

We are in a difficult time, but we would like to ask for your continued support for Veneo Isrugi, Lost Garden and Lost Garden Records.


Lost Garden (kaguraduki)

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