アメリカ テキサス州在住のトラックメーカー。
Progressive House/EDM/Chiptuneを組み合わせた、明るくキラキラとした色彩にあふれたダンスミュージックを得意とする。


1993年アメリカ テキサス州生まれ。

2001年にDaft Punkの “discovery “を購入したのをきっかけにエレクトロニック・ミュージックに魅了される。

その後、Tokyo Audio Waffleの中路もとめ氏とコンタクトを取り、初の作品を発表。2014年からはコミックマーケットシーンの中でEDMのジャンルにまたがる作品を発表し続けている。


Born in Texas near the end of 1993, dover fell in love with electronic music after buying Daft Punk’s “discovery” in 2001.
Heavily inspired by Anime and video game music culture he would experiment with basic tracks in Cakewalk throughout the 2000s, until he changed interests into skateboarding in 2005.

After being injured with a skull fracture, dover would revisit music again, this time exploring chiptune creations. He completed several tracks using LSDJ during highschool, but eventually felt limited, and began to explore desktop music again.

He would compose various tracks across the years until he decided to make contact with a leader of a house music circle and publish his first work. Since 2014 he has continued to publish works spanning many EDM genres within the comic market scene.

He is still actively composing, continuing to explore new genres in the hopes that he may one day be able to be a full time composer and producer.

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